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Portland shootout: Police dog shot and killed, police officer wounded

Oregon police dog, Mick, was shot and killed saving his partner's life.
Oregon Police Department / Facebook

A Portland shootout left a police officer wounded and a police dog from the Portland, Oregon K-9 Unit dead. Police Officer Jeff Dorn, who is a 16-year veteran on the force, was shot in both legs, according to ABC News on April 17.

Dorn, who is the police dog’s partner, was quoted as saying that the police dog “Mick saved my life.” He didn’t give any details on how Mick saved his life, but he and the other officers on the force are mourning the dog’s passing today.

Three men, who were suspects in a uniform shop burglary, were being chased by police when the suspects’ vehicle crashed into a utility pole. Two of the suspects were apprehended at the scene, but one ran off. The manhunt for the third suspect lasted about three hours.

The suspect shot Dorn twice and when he went down he gave Mick the order to “Take the suspect!” The dog took off after the suspect and was discovered missing later, after the suspect had been apprehended, according to NBC News.

A search for Mick through the neighborhood went on for a few hours until he was found laying under some hedges with a gunshot wound. Mick was found in the same neighborhood where Dorn was shot. A rifle was also found, it was the gun believed to have been used in the shootings.

The police officers who are with the K-9 unit get very close to their dogs. The dogs live with the officers and become family members. Mick was brand new to the force having just completed his training and becoming state certified for the unit.

These dogs are respected members of the police department, made evident as the long line of police vehicles were seen going across the Willamette River to escort Mick to the animal hospital in hopes of saving his life. Mick was in the lead car and the group followed behind making sure nothing got in the way of getting Mick to the hospital . Sadly, he died from the gunshot wound.

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