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Portland's Fighting Gym

A peek inside the facility at Northwest Fighting Arts
A peek inside the facility at Northwest Fighting Arts
courtesy NWFA

The martial arts offered at Northwest Fighting/Internal Arts cover a complete range of technique. From the powerful style of Muay Thai to the therapeutic forms of Qigong, NWFA can take a beginning student to instructor level in several disciplines.

Jeff Patterson is the owner and chief training instructor with over 22 years experience in several fighting martial arts. He got his Black Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu from Rigan Machado, his Muy Thai certification is through Arjan Surachai Sursute, western boxing and Jeet Kune Do from Guro Dan Inosanto and Leonard Trigg, and Tai Chi through Grandmaster Sam Tam. Patterson is instructor level in several other systems as well. Patterson has been running NWFA as a fulltime facility since 1994 and currently manages over 10 instructors teaching at NWFA.

Classes start as early as 7AM and run throughout the day; seven days a week so there is an open time available to train to accommodate most every schedule. Special group sessions include a corporate wellness program,Youth Power which is a program specially suited for the kids and Women’s Only Kickboxing for the ladies. Weapons art instruction includes JKD, Lucay Lucay, and Lameco systems of Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali (hand, knife, stick, sword).

The gym at NWFA consists of two approximately 4000sq ft classrooms. Members have open access at all times that it is open. In addition to practice space, a collection of exercise equipment for cross training purposes is available including: free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, a leg press machine, pull up bars and more. Showers are also available.