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Portland police horse 'unhurt and unfazed' after being karate kicked by man

Portland police horse 'unhurt and unfazed' after being karate kicked by man
Portland police horse 'unhurt and unfazed' after being karate kicked by man
Portland Police Bureau

On Thursday, July 10, KING 5 News reported that a Portland Police horse unflinchingly sustained a man's yells and karate kicks. The Portland Police Department reports that a 29-year-old man was arrested after he yelled a "karate-like cry" at a police horse named Olin, giving the horse a double kick in his right thigh.

According to Police, the attack, which occurred on Wednesday in Portland's Old Town, did not faze the 1,000-pound horse. Olin and his partner, Joseph Cruz, took suspect Joseph Cruz into custody for interfering with a law enforcement animal. Cruz was also wanted on another unrelated warrant.

The police horse was kicked as mounted patrol officers had stopped to speak to a group of people near a bus depot.

The City of Portland's Mounted Patrol Unit primarily patrols the downtown area to combat crime. Mounted officers are an effective method of crime prevention especially in the downtown area due to the high visibility factor and quick response capability in congested areas.

The Police Bureau employs stable attendants who care for the police horses and provide basic training to mounted officers and new horses. Horses that are used by the Police Bureau were either purchased or donated to the Police Department. The average purchase price for a police horse is $3,000. The Police Bureau uses only geldings, like Olin, of various breeds, who are normally eight to twelve years of age at the time of purchase and are about 15.2 hands high.

The Portland Police horses all must be broke to ride and neck rein. They must be capable of entering and departing a horse trailer. While mounted, the horse must demonstrate the ability to stop, turn, side pass, and back up with the appropriate leg, seat, and rein cues.

And occasionally, police horses need to be able to sustain a karate kick or two.

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