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Portland officials to flush reservoir after teen urinates in it

Portland officials are being forced to once again flush millions of gallons of treated water. The city reservoir was contaminated with an teenage boy urinated in it. Two years ago, the city had to drain a 7.5 million gallon reservoir.

Teen urinates in city reservoir causing millions of gallons of water to be flushed.
Rick Bowmer, AP/MSN

Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff revealed that 38 million gallons of water will be discarded. A 19 year old male urinated into the open reservoir that holds the treated water. From the reservoir the water is funneled directly into the water mains for distribution to customers.

While the urine in the water would pose little health risk, city officials will flush the water so that customers don’t feel like the water was tainted. According to Shaff, the city will still have plenty of water to meet the demands of their customers.

The latest reservoir to be contaminated is one of five that the city has. They are in the process of replacing the reservoirs with underground storage in order to comply with federal regulations.

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