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Portland dog saves family from house fire: Rental property owner ticketed

Fire breaks out in Portland home, family saved by dog
Fire breaks out in Portland home, family saved by dog
KGW screenshot

A dog is credited for saving the lives of it's family last night, KGW News reported March 18.

A family dog began whining last night when a fire broke out at its residence on 86th Avenue and Crustal Springs Boulevard off Interstate 205 in Portland, Oregon.

The family of five had moved into the rental home, and had failed to check the fire detectors. None of the detectors were in working order, but thankfully the dog began whining, allowing everyone to get out safely.

Fire inspectors believe sparks somehow got into the attic through cracks in a 1960's fireplace.

Urban Garrett, a resident of the now home, told KGW

“When people move in places, they should make sure that they have working alarms because if the fire doesn't kill you, the smoke does. That could have easily happened to all of us. Fortunately, everyone got out unharmed and that's a blessing.”

City housing inspectors will now issue a violation to the property landlord, who will be given 30 days to bring the home up to code. If this doesn't happen, a $280 monthly fine will be issued, with the penalty doubling after three months.

Oregon law states that each bedroom and common area in a home must have a working smoke detector.

Tommy Scnroeder with Portland Fire & Rescue stated

"Without working smoke detectors, the dog really did save the occupants life in this house. In this case, tragedy was definitely averted."

With the recent time change to daylight savings time, it's a good idea to replace the batteries in each and every smoke detector in your home that doesn't have an extended life battery already.

Many detectors now come with a 10 year battery, but it's a good idea to check those on a weekly basis, just to be sure.

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