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Portland-based Parisian Patricia Raclot reveals très chic fashion secrets

French chic style and fashion by Portland-based Parisian Patricia Raclot
French chic style and fashion by Portland-based Parisian Patricia Raclot
Patricia Raclot

Are you dreaming of a fashion adventure in Paris while you count the rain drops in Portland? Well, wonder no more about what to wear while taking café near the Champs-Élysées because Parisian chic style in Portland has never been easier.

How is that? Well, Portland-based Parisian style expert Patricia Raclot let me in on a few très chic fashion secrets and how to achieve the effortless, and flawless looks of the fantastic French, let’s get started.

Define Parisian Chic style in three words?

  • Haute elegance in other words high class and the best time of day to be elegant or high class is the afternoon.
  • Quality vs. quantity silk and cashmere although you can never really have too many pieces in silk or cashmere
  • Bold lines and eye grabbing colors like red

What are five key fashion essentials that spell Parisian?

  1. Classic suit in solid white or black
  2. Silk and lurex dresses
  3. Long wool coat and a duffle coat
  4. Paris pumps and leather boots
  5. Embroidered tweed top

How do you incorporate new trends into your Parisian chic style?

I have a permanent collection destined never to go out of style. My Parisian fashion essentials are a classic suit, leather jacket, silk, angora, cashmere, a long wool sweater, black trousers, and leather boots.

New trends are added to my collection, as I like to integrate skirts and tops I find anywhere. My approach is stimulated by my constant desire for greater creative freedom in my wardrobe. I like layers. Bon voyage mes ames.

Patricia Raclot is a native of France now living in Portland. French culture and history are what highlight Patricia’s teaching career in America. Raclot’s outside activities and interests include Parisian fashion, and style, swimming, modern jazz, cinema, art, literature, theater, and visual arts.

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