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Portion control helps slim the bulge

The U.S. serves some of the largest food portions in the world! The super-sized, 'make it a large', hormone fed giant chicken leg society that we live in have definitely had an impact on the health of Americans. So does this mean the local restaurant chains are trying to make us fat? No, not necessarily. They are only serving the demands of their consumers. We have the right to choose what and how much we eat, so pointing the finger at Ronald McDonald is just plain childish.

Petite sirloin, grilled asparagus, and oven baked clams

Let’s take control of our diet and be adult about our health. What am I talking about? Portion control! Completely avoiding your favorite foods can be a death sentence to some and cause many to lose weight, just to gain it back plus more and spiral into what some would call eating disorders or depression.

How to correctly measure portions is as simple as looking into the junk drawer in the kitchen. For example, the size of a deck of cards is approximately the amount of protein you should consume. Vegetables should be at least the size of a tennis ball or computer mouse. There are many tools out there to help control over indulging like, the portion plate. This ordinary kitchen eatery gives a visual of how much protein, vegetables, and starches should be consumed at every meal. Easy enough, right?

Another tip on how to control your portion is to simply drink a full glass of water before each meal. This will allow the body to feel full faster and decrease the chance of overeating. Many people believe that eating less will allow you to decrease your calorie intake and cause weight loss. There is somewhat truth to this, but maintaining a healthy weight is more than just starving yourself. Being healthy cannot be achieved by short-term diets or temporary fads sponsored and publicized by celebrities but by lifestyle changes.

Measure food, eat correct portions, slim the bulge!


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