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Portia de Rossi secretly taped tiffs featuring Ellen's controlling rage?

Portia de Rossi taped her fights with Ellen, the drunken and loud fights that Ellen does not want anyone to see, claim new reports.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

If the newest rumors hold any water, then Portia de Rossi was once very busy setting up Ellen DeGeneres for a fall. The latest reports coming out of the troubled marriage is that Portia videotaped her arguments with Ellen and had threatened to release them to the tabloids, according to UPI on July 14.

The tapes are said to show a very controlling and demanding Ellen at home, who thought she was in the confines of privacy. Apparently Portia invaded that privacy by recording Ellen showing her true colors and she threatened to share them with the world. Reports say this tactic would be used only if Ellen tossed the 41-year-old Portia to the curb.

Apparently Portia was "drunk" at the time she taped their fights and Ellen, 56, "flew into a rage" when finding out that these tapes existed, according to Cover Media via Yahoo News. It seems as if Ellen did some detective work of her own, checking her wife's emails to make sure that the videos were not sent to the media already.

This comes on the heels of the reports that Portia checked into a rehab for 30-days for her substance abuse problem. While the two were very much on the road to demise a while back, the rehab stay seemed to be the first step in mending fences between the two.

Ellen became very supportive of her wife's rehab attempt and supported her by visiting her daily. The two have been seen out and about in recent days looking very much like the old Portia and Ellen with that strong relationship, which is somewhat extinct in Hollywood.

In the past Portia and Ellen even sought out couples' therapy to get the balance back in their five-year marriage. Friends say that Portia is "passive" and Ellen is "very domineering," which can be tough on Portia sometimes. Their life together became unbearable for Portia who reportedly turned to booze and pills to fill a void she was feeling from being under Ellen's control.

While all of this makes for some interesting gossip, the reports of the marriage slithering towards demise, the rehab and the reunion after rehab are nothing but rumors today. Neither Ellen nor Portia have come out with any type of official confirmation for any of these reports, but the beat goes on.

An insider reports that Ellen and Portia, although on the mend, won't have an easy time of it as "Portia will always battling these demons, but they love each other." The demons are more than likely her substance abuse problems.

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