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Portia de Rossi rehab: Ellen DeGeneres' wife allegedly battling addiction issues

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi together in May
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi together in May
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Reports are claiming that marital stress put Portia de Rossi in rehab recently. Many fans of Portia and her wife Ellen DeGeneres have been worried that there is trouble in paradise for these two, and the rumors just won't go away. Now InTouch is claiming that de Rossi ended up in rehab, and RumorFix shared the scoop on the rumors on Tuesday.

The claim is that “ugly fights” led to Portia de Rossi's rehab stint in May. Supposedly Portia has been unhappy for some time and started drinking heavily. The allegations go on to say that there was a confrontation where de Rossi said that DeGeneres was too controlling. The “insider” for the couple says that Portia's casual glass of wine here and there escalated to intensive drinking and pill popping multiple days a week.

The story then says that de Rossi went to the Passages treatment center in Malibu, and that Ellen was lending her full support. Radar Online adds that there supposedly have been escalating issues revolving around jealousy, with a lot of fighting in the mix. That said, Ellen and Portia are said to love one another very much, and insiders say they are “on their way to repairing their marriage.”

While the couple's reps have not confirmed that there really was a Portia de Rossi rehab stint in May, the actress and her wife Ellen have been spotted out and about together quite a few times since then. They have been the subjects of many rumors over the past few months, often revolving around divorce but sometimes including some type of baby “bombshell.” They've tried to nip the rumors in the bud, to no avail. At this point, it seems they are doing their best to ignore the rumors and focus on their relationship.

Whether the actress really is dealing with addiction issues and treatment or not, fans are rooting for her and her marriage. Will Ellen and Portia split? Was Portia de Rossi in rehab? There aren't many answers on that front yet, but recent photos do at least make it seem that the two are trying to stick together.