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Portia de Rossi rehab: Move to save her floundering marriage to Ellen DeGeneres?

The wife of Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, is rumored to have spent a month in rehab for the treatment of alcohol and drugs. This rehab stay follows a fight that was so severe, the couple's marriage was close to demise, according to The National Ledger on July 3.

Portia de Rossi does month in rehab to save her marriage to Ellen?
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Unless Portia or Ellen come out and admit that Portia did spend a month in treatment, it will remain a rumor because this is confidential information and the treatment facility will never reveal that she was there if she was.

According to Newsers via Yahoo, Ellen is very domineering and Portia is passive, so at times Ellen’s strong willed personality plays havoc with Portia’s more submissive demeanor and it’s tough on her. Coupled with a lonely lifestyle at home while Ellen is busy with her career, it sounds like this was a recipe for trouble.

The rumor puts Portia in the most elegant of rehabs, which is Passages Malibu. The 41-year-old was isolating at home and drinking say friends and she blamed Ellen and her controlling ways for driving her to the point of this substance abuse.

When Ellen confronted her about her drinking, Portia went into a spin, blaming Ellen and telling her she didn’t love her anymore. This escalated into Ellen feeling devastated and telling her to leave, say friends of the couple.

The aftermath of this big blowout was rehab for Portia who married 56-year-old Ellen in 2008. Apparently Ellen has been very supportive of Portia’s rehab stay making time every weekend to go to the rehab and visit with her wife.

The couple has been one of Hollywood’s success stories when it comes to relationships and it looks like they are on the mend. Portia stayed the month of May in Passages Malibu and in June the couple was seen out and about and looking happy.

The source of this rehab reveal said that the two are determined to get their life back the way it was and that they are very much in love with each other. It won’t be an easy road for Portia because she “will always be battling these demons.”

Portia did a stint in rehab back in 2000, but that was for an eating disorder that rendered her 82-pounds back then. She is a high-profile celebrity since dating and then marrying Ellen. While that comes along with all the luxuries money can buy, it doesn't necessarily mean having a great life. Portia having quite a bit of time alone isn't her cup of tea apparently, so she filled it with alcohol and drugs, according to reports.

While reports put Portia in the rehab for both alcohol and drugs, according to numerous websites including Mail Online, the drug part is not clear. Nothing is reported on what drug she supposedly had a problem with. It seems that all anyone is mentioning is Portia's drinking when the details are reported.

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