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Porterville Public Library (got game)

Lets have some fun
Lets have some fun
Porterville Library

Porterville Public Library is full of fun, and full of fantastic employees. The volunteers are phenomenal, and it is guaranteed your child, grandchild, niece and or nephew will have a spectacular time at each event for the year of 2014. Come and play all the games you once loved as a child and some new ones as well; the ones the children know about, and your curiosity just needs to know. Well this is the time, a guardian can get a sneak peek and get into the game without letting the kids know; that you have no idea what the game actually is; like MarioKart. MarioKart is my personal favorite; and it was recommended to me by a child. I play it every day when no one is looking, but please don’t tell anyone. (It’s our little secret).

Where: Porterville City Library 14 W. Thurman Ave (559)784-0177

What time? Every first Saturday of the month 3:00 pm-6:00 pm.