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'Portal' video game offered as a free download for PCs and Macs until Sept. 20

Portal requires critical thinking skills and logic. The game has the unique ability to make players feel smarter after playing.
Portal requires critical thinking skills and logic. The game has the unique ability to make players feel smarter after playing., Valve

What’s Portal?
Portal is an award winning physics, science fiction, action-puzzle, brain teaser, logic, and humor video game produced by game company Valve. Portal will be downloadable for free until September 20 for Mac and PC machines. Can this video game truly meet the description details? The answer is “yes” and more.

For San Franciscans who aren't gamers, Portal is an experiece not to be missed. Just make sure that playing this game is confined to the weekends; you may find that late-night gaming during weeknights may cause problems showing up to work the next day.

Portal Origins

The game Portal was originally bundled with a compilation of award winning Half Life games in an edition simply called The Orange Box, released in 2007.

The special edition, often regarded as one of the best values in video game history, won over 100 awards for game excellence and production value.

The big surprise in the compilation was the stellar reception Portal received from fans and video game critics alike. Portal was nominated for many “best game” awards.

Why the freebie?

Valve says the game had more far-reaching aspects then they ever could have imagined--reports came back to them about educators and teachers using Portal in the classroom as a vehicle to teach logic skills and physics to their students.

The freebie is to celebrate the success of Portal and to promote it to those who have never played it before.

Valve states:

“...innovative educators are finding ways to incorporate Portal™ and Portal 2 into their classrooms—helping teach physics and critical-thinking skills.

“It’s eye-opening to see how video games can be used in amazing and unexpected ways to help educate our next generation.”

Where to get it

The Portal download requires an account on the online video game service called Steam. The account is free and the software app must first be installed on a computer before the Portal download is possible. Steam also offers many other games for online purchase.

To download a frree copy of Portal for a Mac or PC, click here.

Source: Learn with Portals

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