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Portable Oximeter Devices Can Change the Way You Live a Healthy Life!

Pulse Oximeters
Pulse Oximeters
Pulse Oximeters

Our fast lifestyle has given rise to many kinds of health related issues which has become a regular part of our life. And to meet the ever growing demand, the market is flooded with different kind of devices that allows one to keep a track of their health related issues. But how much do we know about these devices - are these devices safe enough to be used on our own?

With so much pollution in the air, many of us suffer from respiratory problems. As such to lead a normal and healthy life it is important that one is aware of any such device that will help them to keep their respiratory problem under check. Pulse Oximeters is one such device. The world of medical devices is governed with the changing technology where the awareness regarding the convenience and availability of effective products and disposables. This is in sync with the population where there is an influx in the numbers of ageing people and a higher rate of heart diseases and respiratory failures.

The changing demographics and lifestyle has also influenced the dynamics of the pulse oximetry market. And since we all are part of a fast lifestyle, what we need is a portable and easy to carry and use oximeter that will define our lifestyle.

As per the “Global Pulse Oximetry Market: Trends and Opportunities (2013-18)” there are going to be significant changes in the global pulse oximetry market. This report highlights both the real picture and the emerging trends that will define the market. A non evasive means that helps one to measure the oxygen saturation, this portable device allows one to be aware of the COPD level. Individuals suffering from lower COPD levels or lung diseases, often have oxygen saturation levels that range in between 95% to 100%.

The current market is full of different portable oximeter devices, out of which many are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is very useful mainly for those patients who rely oxygen therapy at home so as to monitor their oxygenation status. But there is one thing that one must be aware of. Not all of the devices are always accurate and can give wrong readings hence it is important that before you goa head and buy the device you check out the pros and cons of the device.

A pulse oximeter, when used correctly:

• Helps one to monitor a variety of diseases such as asthma, respiratory problem including COPD.
• This a painless and non evasive device.
• This device can be used on a continuous basis – this is extremely beneficial for patients who tend to desaturate in their sleep.
• Informs one about the impending hypoxemia.

Things to check when one is using Pulse Oximetry:

This device can turn out to be ineffective in certain conditions such as cardiac or breathing arrest, CO poisoning, shock, cold extremities, and tremors.

• Don’t make the mistake of replacing the pulse oximetry with blood gas analysis.

• And don’t forget to seek medical advice from your doctor as and when you consider it necessary.