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Portable Offerings: DS releases for July 7, 2009


This FPS is the week's sole Nintendo DS release

Every week I'll let you know what Nintendo DS publishers have in store for your time and your wallet. Instead of lazy lists, you'll get a short game synopsis as well as my weekly recommendation. This week, however, things are a bit backwards as the PSP nets two releases compared to this solitary release on the DS.  

C.O.R.E. | Graffiti Games | ESRB: Mature

This oft-delayed 1st-Person Shooter from NoWay Studio finally sees the light of day. The only FPS I've enjoyed on the DS thus far has been Metroid Prime Hunters. However, C.O.R.E’s respectable graphics, dark storyline, and 4 player local multiplayer (with only one cartridge!) may change my mind.

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