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Port St. Lucie bulldog beaten with a sawed off shot gun expected to recover

Guess who's feeling better? Many thanks to the wonderful people at Kindness Animal Hospital.
Animal Kindness Hospital


Scrappy went to his new home today. The Humane Society in Fort Pierce turned over custody to his new family where this dog will live happily ever after. Many thanks to the Kindness Animal Hospital for the great care.

Scrappy, the friendly French bulldog allegedly beaten by his owner, Kyle Romain Hall, of Walton Lakes Drive in the South Florida city of Port St. Lucie is recovering.

On Friday, an update from the Kindness Animal Hospital reported Scrappy to be eating and feeling much better. His liver enzyme levels are still of concern:

When there is a lot of damaged tissue as was the case with Scrappy, the toxic chemicals released, overloads and damages the liver. The damaged liver releases the ALT enzyme and its level in the blood stream goes up. Scrappy’s ALT level was too high for our in-hospital blood machine to read and had to be sent to an outside lab to be read. Fortunately, the liver is one of those organs that can repair itself and to help the liver we have Scrappy on two different liver medications.

The custody of Scrappy is expected to be turned over to Animal Control. At this time Scrappy has a temporary home with one of the veterinarian's employees.

Another French bulldog named Rhino was removed from the home, however after a thorough veterinarian examination, the dog was deemed perfectly healthy and returned to the woman.

Meanwhile Kyle Romain Hall remains in jail in lieu of an $85,000 bond. You can read the entire story by clicking here.

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