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Port Harcourt Mayor Chimbiko Akarolo changes lives through music and tragedy

The tragic love story of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Mayor and his wife will be one that told for ages. After proudly being married to and being deeply in love with his wife Caroline for 7 years, Chimbiko Iche Akarolo became the Mayor of Port Harcourt, which is the 3rd largest city in Nigeria.

Mayor Chimbiko Iche Akarolo pens moniker C-Strokes and changes lives through his tragic love story and music.
Mayor Chimbiko Iche Akarolo pens moniker C-Strokes and changes lives through his tragic love story and music.

After only 3 months of being in office, a terrible tragedy fell upon the young happy couple when Caroline Akarolo passed away during childbirth, miraculously the twins survived. There really are no words to express what the heart and mind go through after the death of a loved one, some people never really recover from the loss, but this is not the case with Mayor Akorolo.

Learning to heal his pain through music, the determined Mayor Akorolo penned the moniker C-Strokes and released a song "Asking For Love" dedicated to his wife. Shortly after C-strokes released a second song called "All about you", which expresses "holding on to Jah and finding the perseverance to overcome the obstacles we face in life, with the understanding that we all hold our own fate in our own hands".

C-Strokes inspiration doesn't stop with the music, as an anniversary memorial, the Mayor founded the Caroline Akarolo Foundation, also known as CAF. The foundation's focus being pregnant mothers, children needing care, malaria and an array much-needed health care services in their community such as mobile hospital services receive funding through the music C-Strokes releases.

Today, Caroline Akarolo Foundation focuses on coordinating for building and maintaining platforms, networks and systems towards supporting the availability and delivery of timely professional medical services to mothers having babies and infants needing care. The foundation will do this through her planned periodic Safe Motherhood Roundtables for public, private and civil-society sector actors, her annual August 28th Caroline Akarolo Day for Safe Motherhood and Childcare, her soon-to-be- purchased fully-kitted Caroline Akarolo Maternal Emergency Mobile Hospital and her other planned programs.

- Caroline Akorolo Foundation

Proceeds from The Mayor's upcoming release of the "All about you" remix featuring Mojo Morgan will be also be donated to the foundation. Those who interested in donating to the foundation can do so by purchasing the "All about you" single on iTunes(click the picture below), to make donations directly to the foundation or to find out more information on how you can become involved please contact Caroline Akorolo Foundation 5, Peremabiri Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt , 08066905212.

Working with C-Strokes has been eye-opening on numerous levels, his story and journey since loosing his wife is nothing short of amazing. Spending time in Nigeria with him has proven the statement I learned when I was a child, that "one bad apple can really spoil the bunch" to be true. Precisely, by that I mean to say the negative stigma out there on Nigeria being full of scammers couldn't be further from the truth. I see good and bad people wherever I go on this planet, Nigeria is not exempt from this fact.

-Mojo Morgan

Representatives from the C-Strokes/ Mojo Morgan camp stated that the official the remix and press release is scheduled for availability within the next few weeks and that they are looking forward to progressing the growth of the Caroline Akorolo Foundation.

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