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Port Charlotte rescue workers save dog stuck in culvert

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A curious golden retriever chasing another animal, found himself stuck in a compromising position when he ran into a "too-tight" culvert on Sunday evening while on his walk in Port Charlotte, Fla. reported Wink News.

Rescued just a few months ago, the 93 pound dog named Bo, had become a very important part of the Von Holden family, and when the couple couldn't coax their dog out of the storm drain, they panicked and called authorities to help.

Fire rescue, the sheriff's department, and the Port Charlotte Animal Control all came out to rescue Bo. The men had to dig up a neighbor's yard, use cameras, and some careful drilling to spot the scared pooch.

It took more than two hours to pull Bo out safely; apparently the noise of the drill may have scared him. As the dog backed up to get away from the noise, rescuers spotted his back end. Except for emerging as a wet mess and maybe a little bit embarrassed for causing such a ruckus, Bo just shook himself off, appeared fine, and looked around at all the people.

Watch where you're going Bo.

Many thanks to the rescuers who helped Bo out of the storm drain.

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