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Port Charlotte man pointing gun at cat photo on Facebook causes outrage

How can anyone think that picture is funny?
How can anyone think that picture is funny?
Facebook Thomas Mcguinness

When Thomas Mcguinness of Port Charlotte, Florida posted a photo Thursday on Facebook of him holding a cat by the scruff of the neck and pointing a gun in the animal's face, no one except Mcguinness thought it was funny reported

Under the photo, as the irate criticism grew, Mcguinness posted:

"Don't know why everybody so mad about a cat, we only shot it twice."

Facebook users reported the photo to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control. Port Charlotte Animal Welfare League Director Sharon Thomas was livid, stating:

"To see something like that it just turns my stomach. Just to pretend you're doing it or to think that it's funny in any shape or form is criminal to me."

Mcguinness set off a firestorm of rage and criticism, and later on that day removed the photo. Lt. Brian Jones, of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, said that Mcguinness was being cooperative, and had told authorities he had not harmed the cat. Animal Control states they will be checking the pets at his residence to make sure all are safe.

Later in the day, Mcguinness posted an apology on his Facebook page with the following statement:

"I would never hurt a little cat it was just a picture it just looks bad and it was stupid to post that picture."

Authorities also found photos with Mcguinness pointing the gun at himself and at a dog.

At this point, Mcguinness has not been charged with animal cruelty since no animals have been harmed.

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