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Port-a-potty bomb injures woman inside: Explosion at kids' ballgame 1 of 3 bombs

A woman was injured when the port-a-potty she was using at a baseball field blew up. Police say it looks as if it was a homemade device that was placed inside the portable toilet and two other similar devices went off later in nearby mailboxes, according to on June 22.

Woman injured when the port-a-potty she was in exploded after a bomb was set off inside. This happened at a kids' baseball game in Oregon over the weekend.
Wikimedia Commons

Besides two staples the woman needed in her head to close the wound from the blast, she was O.K., but shaken. Being in an explosion is bad enough but inside a stinky port-a-potty with human waste flying in an explosion would be a nightmare to think about, never mind live through.

1190.KEX News Radio reports that police believe the explosives were homemade bottle bombs. These bombs can be made with ingredients that you purchase at a local grocery store. The chemicals added together start to expand and the bottle eventually explodes.

Kari Finch, 40, of Spokane was at a ball game in a field in Aloha, Ore. when she needed to use the restroom. Little did she know that the teen who walked out of the porta potty right before she walked in, is a person of interest police are searching for today.

Police believe the teen could have been the person who planted the homemade bomb. Finch said that all he had to do was say to her “don’t go in there, it’s pretty bad,” and she would have walked away. Instead he did nothing, risking that she'd be hurt, which she was.

He let her go in knowing it was about to blow up any second. Because Finch did not notice a wick or any smoke, she thought the bomb might have gone off due to a chemical reaction.

The ball field was evacuated as the Portland Police Bureau Bomb squad searched the area for any other possible explosives. The port-a-potty bomb went off at about 12:30 p.m. inside Arnold Park, near the International School of Beaverton.

The park reopened at about 3:30 p.m. and it was shortly after that the two other blasts were heard. It is believed that the same type of device used in the portable toilet was used in neighboring mailboxes. This leads police to believe that the incidents were connected.

Finch was taken to the hospital, but didn’t have life-threatening injuries. Once she was treated with the staples, she was released from medical care. No one else was hurt in the explosions.

Because there was a baseball tournament going on at the park, there were about 200 people there at the time the port-a-potty blew up. They were all sent home and the tournament was canceled.

Whoever planted the port-a-potty bomb apparently didn’t care that there were children saturating the area and it could have been a young child who walked into the portable toilet as it was set to explode.

If that teen that Finch passed on her way into the toilet really was the suspect police are looking for, it's probably safe to say he's dangerous. Letting Finch go inside the portable toilet as the bomb was about to go off shows he had no concern for anyone else.

Police are conducting interviews with people who were at the ball park in hopes that someone saw something. Detectives are hopeful in developing leads on the suspect in this case.

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