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Porsha Williams' singing career kicks off in a legal battle over stolen music

Porsha Williams involved in legal battle over use of a song
Porsha Williams involved in legal battle over use of a song
Photo by Ben Rose

It was by watching Bravo tv's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' that we first learned of Porsha Williams and her desire to sing. And who that she actually does it well. But, someone should inform Porsha that she can't sing or take credit for music that does not belong to her, especially not on tv. As reported by Centric TV on Wednesday April 9, Porsha used last Sunday's episode of the RHOA to debut a song that was allegedly not hers.

Sources say music producer/song writer Pierre Medor is claiming to be the mastermind behind the song "Perfectly Worthless," which Porsha was recorded singing inside the studio during a recording session on last Sunday's episode. In a statement that a rep for Medor provided to The YBF, it was explained that Medor was at one time considering Porsha to provide the vocals for his song but after hearing her sing, he decided against it.

"In the business more than one artist will record the same song hoping for the right outcome, as was the case with Perfectly Worthless. Porsha Stewart wanted a song, Pierre Medor wrote and produced this song in its entirety. Not having any previous point of reference for Porsha, we initially recorded the song for the purpose of determining her vocal abilities and how they would fit with this particular song; it was quickly determined that this song wasn’t the best match for her, so we chose not to sell her the song and notified her management of our decision.'

Apparently Porsha's management failed to receive that memo, or maybe Porsha didn't fully understand that the song was not hers, meaning she could not continue to sing it. Medor's rep explained how Medor was completely aware of how much Porsha loved the song. It could possibly have some sentimental value for her, especially after her recent divorce. However, the rep explained that just like all clothes don't look good on everybody, the same goes for music.

"Perfectly Worthless" is a great song and she loves it…we get that. But just like every body doesn’t look good in spandex, every voice doesn’t fit every song. It’s just unfortunate that Porsha has chosen to create another delusional marriage with this song by airing it and claiming to have taken part in its creation."

Ironically enough, it was producer Pierre Medor that Porsha was seen with in the studio recording the song on last Sunday's episode of RHOA but, according to The YBF, Medor agreed to be present for filming and allowed the song to be recorded prior to him deciding against allowing Porsha to go forward with the song. Ultimately, Medor has sold the song to R&B Diva Syleena Johnson for her upcoming album.

One might thing that if any legal action is taken it would be against the Bravo Network. Hmmmm??

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