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Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore: Who should be fired?

The Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams Brawl is the talk of the town. There is a great divide between who was at fault more and who deserves to be fired. Social media has fans debating who should go and who should stay. Fans of Porsha Williams say Kenya should go because she “provoked” Porsha and got what she deserved. Fans of Kenya Moore say Porsha should go because Porsha has a lack of integrity and self-control. Let’s be clear, violence should never be tolerated under any circumstances. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of either of these women, another human being was attacked like an animal and no one deserves that.

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In all fairness, Porsha may have reached her breaking point due to the demise of her marriage and walking away with nothing. She may not have been ready for the reunion show or reality TV for that matter. Porsha started the bickering by calling Kenya names first; she threatened Kenya on a number of occasions and made accusations about Kenya’s personal life. Porsha opened the door for her personal life to be attacked as well. Her actions were equally provoking and she does not get a pass because some may think Kenya deserved being attacked. There is always the option to walk away and in Porsha’s case, she had plenty of opportunities to leave.

Kenya is no angel either. We know Kenya can be deadly with her tongue. She can hit below the belt with her one-liner quips and attack a person’s character in a way that is provoking. Kenya has created this “gone with the wind fabulous” character for the show that is unpredictable and full of drama. Kenya may have gone over the top with the props, but it was the insults that got her in trouble. Both ladies are to blame; however, Kenya bears most of the responsibility for all of the drama that should be equally shared amongst everyone.

Since this incident, Porsha has been charged with simple battery and released on a $2000 bond. According to ABC, Porsha’s rep is saying, “The claims are unfounded. Williams is cooperating with investigators and looks forward to clearing her name”. Unfortunately, her rep didn't watch the reunion show.

Kenya has released a statement earlier this week saying, “If people get so angry that they lose control and admittedly ‘black out’ and resort to violence, those persons must be held responsible for their actions”.

Do you agree?

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