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Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore involved in altercation?

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore were apparently involved in an altercation Thursday at the taping of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta’s" reunion. It’s still unclear why the fight broke out, but according to People Magazine, the ladies locked horns and the hair pulling war was over as quickly as it began.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Kenya and Porsha catfight-slide0
Jeff Shear/ Getty Images
Porsha Williams
Jeff Schear/ Getty Images

Sources from People magazine confirms that things were so heated between Moore and Williams that Porsha went after Kenya during an argument and the two had to be separated. “A fight broke out and the two had to be broken up,” a source confirms. Thankfully no one was injured.

According to ABC News, Kenya’s rep denies Moore was ever involved in the altercation. “Miss Moore was not engaged in any physical altercation”. The rep went on to say that Moore is adamantly against violence and would “never be involved in such behavior”. Kenya took to her Twitter page saying she would never be involved in a fight because “your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons,” backing up what her representative reported.

Williams and Moore has had a cantankerous amity that boiled over the past two seasons. At one point, the battling beauties appeared to be mending the fences during their trip to Savanna, GA. They even shared some touching moments, hugged it out and called a truce. Unfortunately, their treaty was short-live and the two resumed being enemies.

The dueling couplet was back at their war of words when Porsha basically admitted her marriage to Kordell Stewart was an “arrangement”. She claims the former NFL quarterback’s reputation was “tainted” and she was going to “help him fix it” as his wife and step-mother to his son. Tensions were already high when Kenya accused Porsha of signing on to be Kordell’s “beard”. Moore even went as far as calling Porsha’s failed marriage a PR stunt.

One thing the two are in agreement with is Kenya being the catalyst of all the drama. Prior to the altercation, Porsha posted on her blog that Kenya “is the ring leader of drama”. Kenya admitted to People, she is “usually in the middle of all the drama and probably the cause of most of it”.

The details of this fight are sketchy and really boils down to perception. Sources say an altercation occurred and Kenya denies it ever happened. NeNe Leakes sent Porsha some support following the brawl. So far no one has reached out to Kenya.

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