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Porsha Stewart gets the last laugh with ex-husband Kordell Stewart's tax lien

Porsha Stewart gets the last laugh with ex-husband Kordell Stewart
Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for ESPN

After a nasty publicized divorce that left the "Real Housewives of Atlanta's" star Porsha Stewart without anything when no prenuptial agreement was signed with ex-husband Kordell Stewart; the reality starlet is now getting the last laugh when her ex was reportedly hit by the IRS with missed tax payments in 2012.

The former NFL player bad mouthed Porsha all over the media during their shocking split when he maliciously informed the public earlier this year that the 33 year old could not pay her own bills and that before they got married she was in financial turmoil; it is true that Porsha was having difficulty paying for her condo in Atlanta, Georgia and her property taxes, but Kordell had no problem spreading the word.

It looks as if the 11 year NFL star was pinning all of his problems on Porsha then, when he was indeed the one not paying his taxes; the story of his missed tax payments surfaced earlier this week when the UrbanDaily reported that Kordell owes the IRS a small amount of just $8,532, but with his failure to pay, penalties were added totaling $13, 240.88.

Porsha has been seen on the RHOA series having difficulty getting over their break-up when she found out he was divorcing her via twitter and displayed her anger and sorrows throughout the season with fellow cast-mates through tears and fist fights with an eagerness to end her marriage to the controlling Kordell.

The divorce ultimately left the Georgia native with absolutely nothing, but her 19k engagement ring while Kordell proudly kept his two houses, plots of land, retirement benefits and all the interest in his companies; it was reported that Kordell is worth 16 million dollars, but did not share a dime with the Georgia peach or Uncle Sam for that matter.

The missed payments may not seem like a lot to someone worth millions, but it indeed shows how ironic it was for Kordell to blast Porsha out of anger about her property taxes when he has not paid Uncle Sam in two years and if Kordell does not pay his fees, he could lose everything.

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