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Porsche Museum: Stuttgart Germany

Porsche Museum: Stuttgart, Germany
Porsche Museum: Stuttgart, Germany
Jeremy Rooney

A few months back I was given the opportunity to travel to Germany for work. During my time spent there I was fortunate enough to visit the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Truthfully, the museum was breathtaking and I felt like a kid in a candy store the entire time I was there. Everything in the museum is crafted and displayed like a fine piece of art. The floors ceiling and walls are all bright white with the cars taking center display. It gives off a very elegant and simplistic feeling with nothing standing in the way to distract you from the main focus of the Porsche’s on display.

Engine simulation booths at the Porsche Museum.
Jeremy Rooney

As far as cars go the Porsche Museum literally displays multiple Porsche’s from every generation. Porsche’s racing history is predominantly shown throughout the museum with an inspiring sense of pride for what they have accomplished at many races over the years. Artistic flairs are scattered throughout the museum with cars mounted upside down on the ceiling, cross sections of cars displayed in glass cases and racing trophies suspended in air. I was amazed to see the innovation and engineering possessed throughout the entire Porsche Museum even in the original tractors and fire engines that Ferdinand Porsche designed over a century ago. These designs were light years ahead of their time and it is astounding to see the evolution of technology unfold as the cars progress through the years.

Most astounding perhaps to me though is what lied outside the boundaries of the museum walls into the streets and walkways of Stuttgart. Never in my life have I seen a city more prideful in their work. The museum and Porsche factory are literally the heart of the city and all around you see Porsche flags being flown, Porsche signs being displayed and even people wearing Porsche clothing. This sense of home town pride in what they produce couldn’t help but make me think about Detroit and my home in Michigan many miles away at the time. It got me thinking how proud I was to live in a state that produces cars like the Corvette ZR1, Mustang Shelby GT or the Dodge Challenger SRT. I really wish that overall the American people had more pride in Detroit’s automotive market because the truth is we make some incredible vehicles too.

In closing my visit to Stuttgart was a great experience and I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to spend a day at the Porsche Museum. In total I had browsed the museum for over 4 hours and could have stayed even longer if they hadn’t kicked me out due to closing time.

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