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Poroshenko And Putin Meet In Minsk

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Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin met yesterday in Minsk. Prior to the meeting the Ukrainian President released pictures of captured Russian soldiers who had crossed the border in unmarked vehicles. Now this would be nothing except Putin has always stated that Russian soldiers have not been involved with the crisis between Kiev and Eastern Ukraine. Thus setting the tone for the meeting it seemed to put the Russian President off his game. In other words he was caught in one of the biggest lies out of his own mouth and he knew it. Well played President Porshenko.

The Russian President spoke little of the Ukrainian crisis in his opening statement. The meeting was also attended by members of the European Union. The meeting honestly didn't bring anything that would show that there was a simple end to this situation. It did show that Russia needs to finally come clean and let the world know something that we have already known for months. Russia has been the largest supplier of arms and supplies to the separatists rebels of Eastern Ukraine. Recently the rebels received supplies from about 200 plus military vehicles from Russia. The Russians have said it was all humanitarian in nature but many disagree as the cargo was never searched by a third party namely the International Red Cross. Russia never allowed the Red Cross to search the vehicles and the Russians simply crossed the border and unloaded the cargo outside the city if Luhansk.

The Ukrainian government has taken the lead in the crisis and have caused much damage to the rebels and the areas that they continue to barely hold onto. Is there an end in sight? The answer is no. Will there continue to be death and suffering in Eastern Ukraine? The answer is sadly yes. Is Russia at fault for the whole situation? Of course. Finally should Russian President Vladimir Putin be arrested and tried as a war criminal? The answer again is yes. Will it happen? Certainly not. This is a crisis that never should have happened. Thank you Mr Putin for your stupidity.