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Porgy and Bess makes for a romantic evening

Saxiphonist plays
Saxiphonist plays

In an age of tawdry overstatements and tiresome attempts at importance, Vienna stands as a city that has been been the statement of elegance for thousands of years. Vienna has been the epicenter of culture during an age when music was changing and developing, and has been home to many of the greatest musical minds in history. It is no wonder, then, that nestled inside its ancient corridors rests a jazz club that speaks to history and progress.

Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club is a rare gem in the world of jazz establishments. Perfect for taking that special person out for a night in Vienna, one will find comfortable seating, reasonably priced food from the in-house restaurant and drinks from any of the 3 bars located on the first and second floor.

With resonant lighting and enchanting sound, Porgy & Bess sets a romantic mood and an atmosphere that will provide a night that is filled with lifelong memories.

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Photo credit: cboonyam