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Porcelain dolls resembling young girls left in front of California homes

The mystery of the porcelain dolls continues in Orange County.
The mystery of the porcelain dolls continues in Orange County.
KTLA / Orange County Sheriff's Department

Some strange happenings have been going on out in San Clemente, California, and they involve some creepy looking porcelain dolls. On July 24, 2014, KTLA reported that eight families have recently been targeted by someone that is simply placing porcelain dolls in front of their homes. The creepy part is that the dolls actually resemble young girls living in the homes.

The young girls in question are all around 10-years-old and attend the same elementary school, according to Jeff Hallock, Orange County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant.

Fox 8 originally stated that four families were being targeted by whomever this creepy individual is, but it has since been upgraded to eight families.

The porcelain dolls are said to be handcrafted and specifically designed to look like the little girls that live in the homes. Each of the dolls are dressed in different outfits, but the faces and hair colors/styles are like those of the young students.

Some of the dolls have on slippers or shoes and some come with toys such as a fluffy stuffed bunny.

Each one of the families live in the same residential area called Talega. There are many connections between the families, but no idea as to who may be leaving the dolls.

So far, there has also been no type of violence or threats aimed toward the families.

Three of the porcelain dolls were found early this week, but a fourth doll was found on Wednesday. The Orange County Sheriff's Department has the case under investigation at this time and are looking for any type of clues that could lead to the reveal of who is leaving the dolls.

Each of the families have given forth information that they don't necessarily feel threatened, but they do feel disturbed and creeped out.

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