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Popular weight-loss drug recalled for tampering

Popular weight-loss drug recalled for tampering

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has reported that its popular over the counter weight-loss pill, Alli, has been recalled according to CBC Money on March 27. Alli has issues a statement on their website, My Alli.

According to My Alli, GSK reported the alert that there is an “unknown product” inside the Alli bottles and apparent bottle tampering. GSK has initiated a “retail-level recall of Alli in the USA and Puerto Rico. GSK is working with the Food and Drug Administration on the recall.

Alli is the only FDA approved over the counter medication proven to aid in weight loss. It is the sister pill to the subscription medication, brand name Xenical, known as Orlistat. Alli works by blocking 25% of the fat eaten.

GSK received inquiries from consumers in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Louisiana. According to the statement issued by Deborah Bolding, spokesperson for GSK, "A range of tablets and capsules of various shapes and colors were reported to be found inside bottles," she said. "Additionally, some bottles inside the outer carton were missing labels and had tamper-evident seals that were not authentic."

There were 20 tampered bottles reported to the company by 12 customers. There have been no reports from serious illness or injury from the tampered products.

This isn’t the first time Alli has been tampered with. In 2010 the FDA issues a warning that counterfeit pills were being sold online through sites like eBay and Amazon. The pills being sold could have been harmful to dieters. In 2012 counterfeits popped up again. This was the result of a shortage of Alli and authentic bottles were being sold for $100s.

Consumers who have purchased Alli and unsure or are concerned should not use the product. Consumers can call GSK at-1-800-671-2554 and a representative will provide further instructions. If a consumer has consumed the questionable product they should call their healthcare provided immediately.

For more information regarding the tampered product and what you should do, please visit the press release on the My Alli website.

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