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Popular sandwich chain opens in Naperville

Which Wich logo
Which Wich logo
Which Wich

A majority of sandwich chains and deli’s allow you to create your sandwich with choice of toppings, meats and cheeses, but few do it quite like Which Wich. At Which Wich the brown paper bag is a lot more than a sandwich holder. It lists your sandwich choices, creates your sandwich and decorates the store with customer’s art work.

If you’re feeling a little confused about the process here is a step by step guide to enjoying Which Wich.

1) At Which Wich you have the option of choosing a pre- designed sandwich or creating your own from scratch. They have ten different sandwich categories which include: Turkey, Ham & Pork, Seafood, Chicken, Breakfast, Italian, Vegetarian, Classics, Comforts and Beef.

2) Once you choose your sandwich category the fun begins. Brown paper bags are separated into their respective categories and list the different options for your sandwich. Grab a paper bag from your desired category, pick up a red marker and start checking off whatever you want. Choose your sandwich choice, type of bread, cheese, toppings and extras. 

3) When you’re done creating your sandwich write your name on the bottom of the bag. Walk up to the cashier where they will take your brown paper bag and place it on a clothes line that slides down to the assembly line of sandwich making.

4) The Which Wich sandwich maker will look at your choices, design your sandwich and send it through the toaster. Once it comes out of the toaster finishing touches are put on, the sandwich is sliced, wrapped in tin foil and placed in the brown paper bag that started it all.

5) Your name is called and it’s time to enjoy your sandwich creation.

While a great deal of the fun comes from the atmosphere, they offer a variety of sandwich options that will have you coming back for more.

Some predesigned options include:
MonteCristo- Ham, Turkey, Grape Jelly and Powdered Sugar
Chicken Cordon Bleu- Made with Chicken and Ham
Shrimp Po’Boy
Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto

However, if you want to start from scratch some possible toppings include: Pesto, Avocado, Caramelized or crispy onions, and even Cheese Wiz if you dare to be that adventurous.

While the sandwich is the star at Which Wich, you can also enjoy a warm  chocolate chip cookie that they send through the toaster and milkshakes for dessert.

As you eat feel free to pick up another red marker, and leave your mark at Which Wich by either drawing a picture or leaving a note on the blank side of your bag that can be hung on their wall.

The only question left to answer is which ‘wich’ will you choose?

Which Wich in Naperville is located on 2728 W. 75th Street Suite 120, Naperville, IL 60564
630-961- 2000

Another location is "Coming Soon" in Downtown Chicago. It will be located on 108 N. State St. Chicago, IL 60602


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