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Popular Orange Ave cedar trees replaced

Coronado workers dig to plant cedar tree in Orange Ave median grove.
Coronado workers dig to plant cedar tree in Orange Ave median grove.
City of Coronado

Empty trunk areas on the Coronado Orange Avenue median, near the 1000 block intersection, aged and sick cedar trees were removed did not stay empty for long. Today, the city's arborist kept up the local tradition of living cross island travel lines, and, started to plant five new trees.

A flatbed truck hauled in new Deodar Cedar trees.

Workers are using a crane to plant the new trees in the ground on the median. Watered trees will grow on an Orange Avenue line regular people traffic now can stop at pedestrian friendly locations in Coronado's center village the island sights line up thick. New bike racks, built for U-racks, near B and Loma Streets, the city is trying out through Fall, open up opportunities to use green bicycle travel during typical life in the vilalge center. The city's plan to green Orange Avenue's village features still is growing.

Cedar tree planting goes on into the weekend. The five trees start off the work renewing the well known tree life along the island's main travel avenue. Coronado will not stop replacing its old sick trees.

Planted medians make the open travel lanes naturally picturesque. And, a friendly city escape walkers and bicyclists can use to enjoy the open air outdoors.

Entries to Coronado's most visited locations are keys to the city's work on modern easy moving travel paths the locals, and visitors, can make a habit. The entrance to the Coronado Cays marina and park, down the Silver Strand Boulevard south from Orange Avenue, across from the Chula Vista marina, now closed in, might soon have a clear path drivers, and bicyclists, can use. A city design consultant is working with the Coronado Cays Homeowners Associaiton on a plan to remove part of the perimter wall at the entrance, and move the guard station away from the entry path. Bicycle circles workers put in will send bicyclists around a safety circle before they enter the Cays intersection. Work on the community plan currently stays on the city's calendar for a Fall start.

Times people in Coronado travel easier on foot, and on bicycle, stay ahead.

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