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Popular online paranormal forum,, closes its doors



  • Tricia Shimchick, PTF 6 years ago

    IAH will be sadly missed and I wish Alan all the best!

  • The Final Word 6 years ago

    Alan is a whining wannabe and 5,000 members is hardly impressive...the "Hey Kat" podcast show is idiotic at best and geared towards TAPS wannabee rednecks and morons who believe that she has psychic super powers the nature of which seem to change with the wind...

    good riddance to a bad era in paranormal research ....

    they are already forgotten....

  • Jennifer Clark 6 years ago

    So now where do we go?

  • Regan 6 years ago

    Good Riddance; my personal opinion.

  • Emily London 6 years ago

    I will greatly miss the I am haunted website. It has been a pleasure and a privledge to be part of it and hopefully I will be able to join it again sometime in the future when the newly revised version comes out. I will happily pay a fee to get on the website. I am haunted is worthy to be a pay site.

  • TheGhostHunter 6 years ago

    I found another site that looks to be coming up and impressive. It's called South Georgia Paranormal and I think it's made by the founders of that group but the site is going more towards like a paranormal social type of site. theyre official online carriers of the show Ghost Adventures nad i visited today and it looks like theyre redoing the whole thing and i hear the new version is going to have a lot of social networking stuff kinda like i am haunted. not endorsing it but it seems like a really nice site. plus they have some paranormal tv shows plus ghost adventures and some movies. i really like it so far.

    theres also another on called mypara but it seems to be nothing like i am haunted and more like some groups way to shove their beliefs on ppl. didnt like it at all. south georgia paranormal seems to be the way to go now. anyway the web is

    hope this helps

  • LazyHunter 6 years ago

    I miss the site! It was and still is the best paranormal site out there!

  • MysticalLupe 6 years ago

    I wish Alan all the best! hope that IAH opens up agian soon.

  • casperkiller 5 years ago

    Alan rupnick was and is a fraud, Google him and see. Wannabee is right! When ever some one says anything remotely critical he goes into a tantrum. AHHHHHH I'm haunted how lame.

  • paranormalwatchdog 5 years ago

    Alan Rupnick, Kenneth Deel are the biggest fakes, next to the Warrens...Good iamhaunted folded.... alan get you criminal profile in order????

  • EastGhostCom 5 years ago melds all things paranormal into a facebook style interface and also powers the facebook haunts app at

  • phimanh 5 years ago
  • EastGhostCom 5 years ago

    check out east ghost .com

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