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"Popular myths: what is true and what is not"

"Popular Myths: What Is True and What Is Not"

By Leo Costa and Joe Breen

I am sure most of you who are reading this article, have heard these two myths which we are about to talk about and perhaps even wondered about the validity so here we go. People often believe that muscle will turn into fat if they stop working out or when they get older. This belief actually has two rumors, one that you can turn fat into muscle and that you need to fear of fat gain, if exercise ceases. There is nothing further from the truth. Fat and muscle are made of two different cell structures, so it is impossible for them to coexist.

One of the reasons, people often think a person with a high percentage of body fat, who begins a workout program has turned his fat into muscle is because muscle weighs more then fat, so there are times when inches in areas that carry body fat such as the waist will go down, while muscle measurements go up. Also sometimes your actual bodyweight may remain the same, but inches will go down and clothes fit looser, and with muscle your body needs more calories, just from a quality source.

When a person stops working out, they lose muscle. Muscle helps to burn body fat, and if you don't take in quality nutrition you will inevitably gain body fat. Another popular myth is that women who lift weights will look like bodybuilders, again this is not true. This was a big question we get. There are two reasons this won't happen. One women do not produce enough of the hormone testosterone, which is a key factor in acquiring muscle gains. Those of us who compete in the sport of bodybuilding know that it takes genetic ability, and years of specific training and nutrition to achieve that highly muscular like and many of the women you see in those magazines are utilizing some form of testosterone or anabolic steroids. Even with there use it still takes years to achieve that look. So fear not ladies, you not only have nothing to fear, but a lot to gain. To achieve that sleek, toned look you will need to focus on weight training, along with the other two components nutrition and cardio as well. At our website we are offering free training sessions for the first 50 people that sign up, as our way of saying thanks and giving back. We also want to hear from you, we appreciate your comments and feedback as we want to offer the most informative cutting edge information out there and better educate you, and help you on your fitness information. Until next time keep reaching for your goals

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