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Popular Methods of Carpet Cleaning Today

It’s boring, it’s tedious and it can take hours. The thought of cleaning your carpet isn’t that amusing. Most of us try to avoid it as long as possible; however, carpet cleaning is an essential work that is mandatory in all homes that have carpet. Maintaining and keeping a carpet spotlessly clean isn’t an easy task.

You need to remove all types of allergens, mold, mites and pet dander along with other harmful particles in a thorough manner. After all, carpet can be a dirt sticker. Here are some of the best methods that are used today to clean carpets professionally.

  • Hot-water extraction method

This method makes use of a hot detergent solution that is sprayed on the carpet and then vacuumed out immediately to clean the entire carpet down to the deepest fiber. This method is also known as steam cleaning and is quite popular. So what are the drawbacks to the hot-water method? For one, this method needs to be performed in a very careful and correct manner or else it can soak the carpet and padding and prove to be an even better breeding ground for mildew and mold to grow in. Also, the right amount of detergent must be used or the carpet will get dirtier instead of becoming clean. New dirt gets easily attracted to detergent if it gets left behind on carpet after cleaning is over.

  • Rotary-shampoo method

In this method, a cleaning solution is poured over the carpet with the help of a machine. The fibers of the carpet soak in the solution with the help of rotating brushes. Once this is done, the process of wet vacuuming is used to remove the solution that is now filled with dirt and dust particles.

  • Dry-extraction method

This method is a relatively new method of cleaning carpets where a compound of powered detergent is brushed on the carpet with specialized machines. This chemical compound binds to the dust and mite in the carpet, all of which gets removed once thorough vacuuming is done over the carpet. Alternately, foam can be used and vacuumed out when still wet.

  • Absorbent pad or bonnet method

The last method is the absorbent-pad or bonnet method that makes use of chemicals that are sprayed on the carpet fibers. These chemicals help the dirt to come up on the carpet’s surface so that they can be removed with a machine that has a spinning pad on it. The pad is a huge circular absorbent type that absorbs all the dirt that surfaced above. However, it is essential for a professional to handle this machine or else the dirt will get accumulated on the carpet only instead of getting removed.

It is important to remember that professional cleaning services can clean our carpets and upholstery in a manner that we cannot handle. To live in a clean and germ-free environment, such cleaning becomes mandatory once or twice every year.

Professional carpet cleaning London services can help you clean your carpets easily and have them wear that fresh look.

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