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Popular elitist European spa to open in Beverly Hills this summer

A new swank spa set to open in Beverly Hills in August
A new swank spa set to open in Beverly Hills in August
Courtsy of Infusio

A celebrated celebrity-packed European wellness spa, Infusio, is bringing its pampering act to Beverly Hills this summer. Celebrities are no doubt rejoicing over the news since many of its clients travel back and forth to the Germany-based facility for cutting-edge treatments.

This will mark the decade-old spa’s entry into the U.S. Infusio is known for innovative diagnostics and state-of-the-art paths to wellness, healing, and healthy aging. Combining a patient-powered methodology with an integrated treatment strategy in a nourishing spa setting, Infusio has achieved success in many areas of chronic health problems and cosmetic aging issues where others have not. Under the direction of Infusio founder and executive director, Phillip Battiade, the staff creates individual treatment paths for each patient bringing together the best of modern medical techniques with forward-thinking complimentary medicine.

“I believe the time is right to bring the Infusio concept to the United States as so many people are now striving for a higher level of wellness and are open to new treatment methods that offer them new life, strength and hope,” stated Battiade. “Long the norm in Europe and other international practices, Infusio believes in an ongoing conversation with the patient where areas of concern are systematically discovered and revealed before any pre-conceived treatments or diagnoses are discussed. Infusio’s proactive approach differs greatly from the standard U.S. diagnosis and treatment methods.”

The cornerstone of the spa’s philosophy - based on scientific research and clinical studies -- is Battiade’s Five Steps to Health:

  1. Step One: Immune Modulation: Repairing and balancing the immune system
  2. Step Two: Substitution: Giving the body the nutrients it needs
  3. Step Three: Detoxification: removing damaging toxins from the system
  4. Step Four: Disease specific treatment: focuses on integrative cutting edge treatment modalities
  5. Step Five: Mind-Body medicine: restoring emotional and physical balance

Infusio has helped sufferers of such chronic issues and syndromes as migraines, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, sleep issues, tinnitus, allergies, digestive ailments, TMJ, stress, chronic pain and other more serious conditions. Treatments for these conditions will include: Thymus therapy, U Bodywork, the new Global Diagnostics evaluation method; vitamin/supplement therapy; Chelation therapy; Infusions of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements plus other integrated approaches. Infusio believes in “better aging” vs. the more common “anti-aging”. “We cannot stop the aging process but we can use our knowledge and techniques to achieve better aging for our bodies and our minds,” adds Battiade.

The new spa will be ‘infused’ into a 5,000 square foot top floor treatment center at at 435 Bedford Drive. Amenities will include lounges, open terraces, and private treatment suites. There will also be a private car service available.

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