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Popular children's CD changes name

After 26 years, Discovery Toys along with the creator have changed the name of Sounds Like Fun CD to Sounds Like Learning! CD.  "I truly believe this new update will reach children even more effectively as they begin their path to reading," commented Barbara Milne, creator, in a recent corporate news e-magazine.  She sings in the CD in a relaxing way so kids can learn basic pre-school material.

The famous phonemic training song is now called "Apple apple aaa."  Also some of the letters have new pictures associated with them in the song and the accompanying chart has new updated pictures.  The packaging has the new fresh look.

For children from birth to kindergarten, the $15 exclusive is recommended for children with autism and special needs.  It is used by parents, teachers and speech therapists.  One of the features which continues on the new CD is the repetition and rhythms. This also helps children gain self confidence.