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Popular Burlington Fitness Trainer Offers 7 Slimming Workouts for Small Spaces

Chris Boucher offers 7 simpe workout steps you can do at home.
Chris Boucher offers 7 simpe workout steps you can do at home.
Living Longer Now/2014

By Paul Fitzgerald: There are lots of wimpy excuses for not working out.

Chris Boucher, a well-known local fitness trainer in Burlington, ON, who is also active across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), knows them because he once used them – a long time ago that is.

He stuck with his goals, the plans, and is now fit as a fiddle.

The rest is history.

"I’m tired and need a nap." "My favorite show is about to come on and I can’t miss it." "I’m hungry and need to eat." "I really should clean the kitchen up."

The list of excuses is endless.

Boucher offers everyone 7 simple at-home workouts which can be done in about 20 minutes in a small space in your home. Yes, the weather is nasty and instead of lying around get up and get into shape. His tips with using simple exercise equipment are cost effective, which means you can break a sweat without going out and breaking the bank.

As Boucher suggests, a healthy lifestyle means you not only look good, but feel good.


If you want to tone up fast, then get your hands on some kettlebells, suggests Boucher. They help burn calories quickly and make for a great workout. Using kettlebells gets your cardio going and slims and trims you up in no time.

Skipping rope

“Jumping rope is amazing for your body,” says Boucher. Jumping rope is also inexpensive to purchase and once you get moving you will break a sweat. This is also a great workout for cardio and getting rid of unwanted calories. Doing this for 20 minutes a day will put you into shape. It’s also addictive. Once people get a rhythm going while skipping, they end up doing it for longer.

Body-weight workouts

No barbells, dumbbells, or resistance bands? Not to worry. “Your own body is the best piece of equipment you own,” says Boucher. You can get an amazing workout in a small space by mixing and matching basic moves like lunges, squats, mountain climbers, planks, and pushups. Jumping jacks are also great for cardio.

Suspension training

They are just nylon straps that hook to any stable anchor. And they are affordable as well. They can be assembled just about anywhere in your home. There are literally more than 100 different kinds of exercises you can do with suspension training, indicates Boucher. And you can store them just about anywhere like in a closest or under the bed.

Indoor cycling

Go ahead, peddle away. Go out and get yourself an indoor cycling unit. They range from $300 and up. You will want to place the unit on a rubber mat so you don’t ruin your carpet or the hardwood floors. Boucher indicates that “indoor cycling is a great workout,” and once you get going it’s hard to stop. Jump on, ride away and get rid of those unwanted pounds. If you are already fit, well indoor cycling just maintains your tone.


Yoga is now a big trend and rightfully so. Yoga mats are not expensive at all and you can buy them at all sorts of department stores. Yoga helps improve your muscle rate and gets you into shape quickly.

Barre work

Looking to get better ab muscles and trimming up your thighs and toning your arms, then Boucher indicates barre workout is a unique and effective workout. Dancers have long used this approach with rails in studios. At home you can do the same with a chair, kitchen table, the back of your couch or a stair railing. “These form of exercise strengthens your ab muscles and helps with your posture in a big way,” says Boucher.

So, while the weather outside of cold and the skies are dreary, get into shape now so you look and feel better when spring arrive. Get a plan, stick to it and get working out.

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