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Poppers annual picnic is not your ordinary day at the park

Pop Lockers globally on (July 12) gathered at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California to celebrate Poppers 7th Annual Picnic and Midnight's birthday. Midnight is both a Pop Locking instructor and the coordinator of the picnic. This summer event that draws music and dance communities close went all out once again topping the previous years activities. This years picnic had radio stations, a Disc Jockey, chefs, business owners, music artists, families, celebrities, and hundreds of dancers in attendance.

Having fun at Pop Locking Event
Having fun at Pop Locking Event
Cassandra Bautista
Pop Locking to the beat
Ulani Swinney

The weather was beautiful and the surrounding park area is scenic with a historical carousal and tennis courts. Pop Locking enthusiasts brought tents, boom boxes, BBQ grills, speakers, coolers, photo backdrops, and a jump area for children to add to the fun of the peaceful day. This free celebration began at 11 am. And ended shortly after 7 pm.

One of the highlights of picnic was the cooking contest and awards given by judges to the best chefs. Another entertaining part of picnic was that both adults and children participated in face off dances on a tile floor that was placed in the middle of the park. Various dance crew members entered a circle to show off their best moves or to challenge other dancers. The Disc Jockey played hip hop and old school music while dancers from all ages got on the dance floor tutted, waved, free styled, and did robotic dance moves. Some even took it back to the beginnings of hip hop and were beat boxing on the microphone. Others ate BBQ or had some drinks while watching performers display their talent on dance floor. There was even a moment of silence for Poppers that had passed on. Many cheered at the names announced as they remembered their favorite dancers.

HME spoke with Midnight the Poppers Picnic Coordinator and some of the participants at Griffith Park and this is what they had to say about the event and their reasons for attending:

Midnight -Systematic Funk Crew Pop Locking instructor

“The picnic is immaculate. It almost makes you want to cry when you look at it. They don't come together but, for this event they do.”

Dohnovan Rankins- Nine year old fan

“I never been to a Pop Locking Picnic before. The dancing is the best part of it."

2 Cool- Music artist

“ I've never been to a pop locking event before. The music was cool but it had to be lowered because no one got a permit for location. The next event they have they should get a permit to play music and if possible a bigger stage area for dancers.

Kevin Jackson aka Aqua-Systematic Funk Crew member

“I have been coming to the poppers picnic every year. This is my seventh time here. I come because is is a fun for the whole family. Any age can come and it is a solution to people that don't have anywhere to go. It helps gives kids a chance. They can solve issues through battle dancing. No violence exists here just peace.”

KeAnna Kae Flores-Future Styles Crew member

“This is an awesome event. It has so many good people in one place.”

Youth and elderly attended the Poppers Picnic. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Guests socialized and talked amongst friends and family members. New friends were also made. It is a must attend event for supporters of hip hop, arts, and entertainment.To learn more about the Poppers Picnic or to book Systematic Funk Crew for future events contact Midnight at (323) 830-4208.

Watch and view dancers at Popper Picnic 2014 in video and Slideshow located on left hand side of article.

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