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Pope warns mobsters of eternal hell in aftermath of brutal slaying of toddler

Pope warns mobsters after one of the youngest mob victims is shot down at 2-years-old.
Pope warns mobsters after one of the youngest mob victims is shot down at 2-years-old.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The Pope warns mobsters that they risk going to hell after the latest mob hit, which killed a mother and her 2-year-old son. He warns that unless they repent their ways and renounce “their blood stained money” then hell will be their eternity, according to Yahoo News on March 21.

Italy’s mobsters couldn’t get any worse than the brutality of the blood shed they delivered to a 2-year-old boy, Domenico Petruzzelli, who was killed along with his mother and her companion in Taranto.

The criminals opened fire on the car they were driving in and Domenico’s two older brothers, who were sitting in the backseat of the car escaped unharmed. The Pope said at a mass in an open message to the mob:

“You had a father, a mother. Think of them. Weep a little. And convert yourselves.”

This was the strongest message that this Pope has sent out to the organized crime bosses and followers since becoming the Pope. This address went out to the Italian victims of organized crime who were preparing to go on a retreat that was organized by a priest who is well known for fighting against the mob and their crimes.

The Pope addressed the members of the mafia, who were not in attendance, but they must have heard about the Pope’s disgust in his message about their evil deeds by now. The Pope also said:

"This life that you live now won't give you pleasure. It won't give you joy or happiness," he said. "Blood-stained money, blood-stained power, you can't bring it with you to your next life. Repent. There's still time to not end up in hell, which is what awaits you if you continue on this path."

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