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Pope Syria strike: Pope Francis speaks out against Syria strike

Pope Francis
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

The pope is asking world leaders to avoid a strike in Syria and is requesting an end to the country’s civil war. The Los Angeles Times reports on Sept. 5 that Pope Francis sent a letter to Vladimir Putin and turned to Twitter to encourage a peaceful solution.

On his official Twitter account, Pope Francis wrote, “War never again! Never again war!” Although he condemned the use of chemical weapons, the pope added that a peaceful solution was necessary. He also sent a letter to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin about Syria.

Pope Francis’ letter asked the world leaders to avoid a military solution and search for a peaceful answer. He called their military pursuit futile, accused them of being focused on one-sided interests and asked them to find common ground. As the G-20 summit continues, the pope hopes his letter will have an impact. He is also asking everyone to participate in a day of fasting and prayer on Sept. 7. The pope has indicated that there will be a rally on this day in St. Peter’s Square.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is also getting involved and has sent letters to Congress to encourage lawmakers to consider peace. It has sent a similar letter to President Barack Obama requesting that the United States not get involved in a Syria strike. Pope Francis states that military intervention in Syria is not the right answer and believes a diplomatic solution is still possible.

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