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Pope says 'I need the People of God to sustain me.'

Pope Francis recently gave an interview to a Buenos Aries radio station that broadcasts within a “slum” near the San Lorenzo Stadium where the Holy Father’s favorite soccer team plays, it has emerged in a Catholic News Agency report on Saturday. The station primarily broadcasts to people who live in the downtrodden area of the Argentine capital. The interview was reportedly called “Pope of the Slums,” and in it, Francis said that he needs the support of the people of God on a daily basis, which is why he so often asks for prayers. “I need it. I need the people of God to sustain me,” said the Pope.

Pope Francis has said that the world can take an example from the priests who work the slums of Latin America.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The radio station to which the Pope gave the interview is called Bajo Flores, and it broadcasts out of a barrio, or slum, called “1-11-14.” Catholic News Agency reports that the interview was originally broadcast on Thursday, which was the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ election. There is also video of the interview, which many residents of the barrio reportedly flocked to see. The Holy Father praised the work of priests and religious who work among the area’s poor. “Those who think that it's another Church don't understand how they work in the slums. The important thing is the work,” he said.

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