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Pope's 'doves of peace' attacked by other birds at Vatican

Today, two white doves, a symbol of the hope for peace, were released from a window in the Lateran Palace by children standing next to the Pope... and immediately attacked by other birds. It happened, not just in front of the Pope, but before a large crowd that had gathered in St. Peter's Square to hear him give the Angelus Prayer. The entire incident can be seen in the video on this page.

Papal "peace doves" being released

The attackers were a seagull and a black crow. The dove attacked by the seagull lost some feathers before it managed to break free but the other dove was repeatedly pecked by the crow, according to the AP. The ultimate fate of both birds was not reported.

Just prior to the release of the doves, the Pope had appealed for peace in the Ukraine, where a number of people have died recently in violent anti-government protests. The attack on the doves has gone viral on the Internet, where many are speculating about it being either a sign from God or Satan, or just Mother Nature in action.

So far, the Vatican has not commented on the incident.

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