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Pope's doves attacked: Crow and sea gull attack doves children released

The Pope's doves were attacked, concluding the "Caravan of Peace." Pope Francis was with two children who released white doves from the window of the Apostolic Palace as a symbol of peace. USA Today reports Jan. 27 that a sea gull and a black crow were not fond of the idea and attacked the two unsuspecting doves.

Thousands witnessed the pope's doves being attacked at St. Peter's Square on Sunday. One of the birds was able to escape from the sea gull with only a few feathers being lost. The other dove was getting quite a pecking from the crow, however. Both doves got away, but it is unclear to what extent their injuries were.

The boy was bothered by the doves' attack and Pope Francis comforted him by embracing and patting his head. The girl was amused by the whole spectacle.

It was quite the oxymoron having the doves attacked when their whole sign is being that of peace. In a lot of ways it also symbolizes how it can be in real life. Those trying to make peace are often met with resistance or some form of violence. It's unfortunate that the pope's doves were attacked but hopefully they were not too badly harmed.

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