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Pope's blood stolen: Pope John Paul II's blood vial may be used in satanic rites

Pope's blood stolen: Vial of Pope John II's blooe was stolen in a relic over the weekend.
Pope's blood stolen: Vial of Pope John II's blooe was stolen in a relic over the weekend.
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A vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood was stolen from a church in Italy, which is one of only three vials of the late Pope’s blood in existence. Authorities believe the thieves entered the church just to steal the blood vial as other things of great worth were left untouched, according to NBC News on Jan. 27.

The blood was contained in a relic being kept at the Church of San Pietro della Inenca in the mountain region of Abruzzo, which is in central Italy. This is a church where the Pope once took refuge during a skiing holiday. The vial of the Pope’s blood was discovered gone on Saturday.

Authorities believed this was a “commissioned” theft. The many other valuable items left untouched in the church would have brought the thieves a good sum of money, but that was not apparently what they were after. The only other thing taken in the theft was a cross.

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The three relics containing Pope John II’s blood are “considered of great religious value.” Pope John II was
“one of the most popular popes in modern history.” Since the vial of the pope’s blood holds no monetary value, police suggest that vial of blood may be used for "Satanic rites."

According to IBT News, "the Polish pope's blood was stolen on the day "that corresponds to the Dominion of the demon Volac." This is why it is believed that the vial was taken to be used in satanic rituals. The vial contained the blood that was left from the failed assassination attempt on the Pope from back in 1980.

The investigation is underway in hopes that the vial of blood can be recovered. The authorities are using all the manpower they can spare in hopes of catching the thief or thieves. They have also are using “sniffer dogs” to try and pick up a trail of the culprits. Dozens of police officers are combing the area today.

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