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Pope invited to address Congress; Christians offer to write message

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According to a March 13 article in Reuters News; Pope Francis has been invited to address Congress. The Pope was invited to attend a joint session of congress by House Speaker John Boehner.

The article goes on to say that the Pope plans to be in Philadelphia in 2015.

Christians interviewed for this article were asked what they would say if given the chance to address Congress. One offered Congress a stinging reminder of who is worthy of honor.

“The Holy Bible tells us to honor our parents; not our constituents. We have sold our souls for votes, money, and power. Everyone needs to look in the mirror, and find out what God wants from us.”

. One Christian viewed the potential visit as “no big deal.”

“Don’t get me wrong; the visit to Congress is huge; but if it does not inspire someone to change their life or lifestyle; then why bother with it? Clearly our politicians need intervention; but change comes from the heart; not the mouth.”

The Historian office of the Senate has no record of a pontiff addressing Congress
If you had a chance to address Congress; what would you tell them?
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Source: Reuters