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Pope gives Obama verbal spanking using Obamacare to attack religious freedom

Obama and Pope Francis discuss religious freedom and Obamacare
Obama and Pope Francis discuss religious freedom and Obamacare
photo credit - Newsbusters

Depending upon which news source you believe Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis was either uneventful or the pontiff verbally spanked him for using Obamacare to attack religious freedom in America. But according to Reuters, which was using Vatican news sources the pope informed the often dismissive president about his concern over “religious freedoms” in the United States. It was a crystal clear reference to the president’s administration insistence on mandating contraception as part of Obama’s health care coverage plan.

But for the president who was all ears and smiles to the photographers he attempted to sidestep any discussion over the pontiff’s concerns about religious freedom. He instead wanted to raise issues about job inequality, which again, the Vatican news sources did not seem to confirm. As Ronald Reagan would have said, “There he goes again.”

For the hour or so of private talks that went on Thursday between President Obama and other talks between Secretary of State John Kerry, the president and other diplomats, one had to wonder was the visit more about show than about substance.

After all, the duck and dodge president has lost some of his finesse since the Obamacare launch debacle and then being named “Liar of the Year” by Politifact in 2013 for his “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it” phrase. Not only was it a lie but his lie negatively impacted millions of Americans who had their private insurance plans cancelled.

Now with an avalanche of 100 or more legal lawsuits flooding in against the contraception mandate which religious and Catholic groups insist are forcing them to support sterilization and contraception against their religious beliefs Obama needed face time with the Pope.

This is especially true since the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing the Hobby Lobby case which involves whether or not for-profit businesses and their owners have the same religious rights and protections afforded to individuals in the nation, reported Reuters.

So it appears that the president’s drop in to see his Holiness who has public opinion poll favorability numbers in the high 80’s compared to Obama’s basement dwelling low 40’s and below, the president clearly needed the photo op. Wonder did he ask for a selfie from the pope?

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