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Pope Francis warns married couples to not substitute pets for kids

Children cannot be replaced by pets.
Children cannot be replaced by pets.

Pope Francis reminds married couples about the importance and value of having children. On Monday, June 2, Pope Francis spoke specifically to married couples who opt out of parenthood to be pet owners so life is more carefree. He celebrated Mass to 15 newly married couples at the Vatican.

Children are valuable human beings that often make life worthwhile. They keep life going and are our future. Sometimes children are seen as an added expense or in the way of fun or careers.

Instead of having children, couples sometimes substitute having pets for children. While caring for animals is important, children are even more. Pope Francis is not putting down having pets and caring for animals. He is just warning couples that in the end, life might be less fulfilling without a child. For couples who are unable to have kids physically, adoption is a wonderful option!

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