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Pope Francis reminds us to value 'mystery and quiet'

Pope Francis reminded the congregation at his daily Mass in the chapel of the St. Martha Residence in the Vatican of the value of silence in the daily cultivation of a good spiritual life. “Silence is really the ‘cloud’ that covers the mystery of our relationship with the Lord, our holiness and our sins. We cannot explain this mystery, but where there is no silence in our lives, the mystery is lost, it goes away. Guard the mystery with silence!” the Pope exclaimed this morning.

Pope Francis today reminded people of the value of silence in the spiritual life.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The Holy Father reflected on today's Gospel, the account of the Annunciation, to point out that the Scriptures say that when it came to what was happening to her through the Holy Spirit and the mystery of the life of her Divine Son, Mary often "pondered these things in her heart." (cf. Luke 2:19)

“This is what happened to the Virgin Mary when she received her son: the mystery of her virginal motherhood is covered. It covers all of her life, and she knows it,” the Pontiff said. How many times did she keep quiet and how many times did she not say how she felt in order to guard the mystery of her relationship with her son?” The Pope said that the silence of Mary is particularly notable when it is recorded that she stood at the foot of the cross as Jesus was dying.“The Gospel doesn't tell us anything - if she said a word or not...she was quiet, but in her heart how many things was she saying to the Lord! Our Lady was human!” preached the Pope, "so perhaps she wanted to say to God, ‘you told me that he would be great, you told me that you would give him the throne of David his father, who would reign forever and now I see him there!’ But she, with silence, covered the mystery that she did not understand and with this silence allowed the mystery to be able to grow and flower in hope.”

The Holy Father said that like Mary, a Christian “knows the mysterious work of the Lord in our hearts, in our souls. "Silence helps us to discover our mystery: our mystery of encountering the Lord, our mystery of walking through life with the Lord,” Francis said.

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