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Pope Francis prays for vocations free of idolatries

Pope Francis
Pope Francis
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During Monday morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis called on the faithful to pray for vocations free from the idolatries of the world. According to Zenit News Agency, Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel of St. Mark, which recalled the meeting between Jesus and the rich young man.

Pope Francis remarked that although the young man was a good man, who observed the commandments, he wanted more. Pope Francis said, "The Holy Spirit urged him!"

The gospel tells how Jesus told the young man to sell everything and to follow him. After hearing this the young man went away. Pope Francis explained, "His heart was restless, because of the Holy Spirit that urged him to come closer to Jesus and follow him, it was a full heart and he did not have the courage to empty it; and he made the choice of money. A heart full of money. But he wasn't a thief; a criminal!, no, no! He was a good man. He never robbed, never! He never swindled, it was honest money. But his heart was imprisoned there, he was tied to money and he did not have the freedom to choose. Money made the choice for him."

The Holy Father compared the young man's dilemma with the struggle of today's youth experiencing the call of God. Many resist because their hearts are full of other things and they do not have the courage to empty their hearts.

Pope Francis said, "We should pray so that the hearts of these young people can be emptied, emptied from other interests, from other loves, so that the heart can become free. And this is the prayer for vocations.

Lord send us nuns, send us priests, defend them from idolatry, from the idolatry of vanity, from the idolatry of pride, from the idolatry of power, from the idolatry of money. And our prayer is to prepare these hearts to be able to follow Jesus closely."

In conclusion, Pope Francis urged that the faithful pray for young people who have vocations today, praying that they may be free and not be slaves to their idolatries. Pope Francis said, "We should help them so that they may grow, so that the Lord can enter into those hearts and give this, indescribable and glorious joy that each person who follows Jesus closely has."

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