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Pope Francis: One Year Later

Pope Francis: One Year Later
Pope Francis: One Year Later

It has been one year since we saw the smoke billowing from the chimney with the announcement of a new Pope. At the time we knew very little about this man from South America. We knew changes were coming and that they were needed for the church to continue to grow.

He took the name of Francis and with his Jesuit background it was a first in many ways. He did not care to live in the Papal apartments. He wanted to live in a simple room at the Vatican guest house. The Papal limo has been traded in for a ford. He does not wish others to carry his bags and he does carry his own.

Pope Francis is a simple man of simple means. He does not do things like other Popes. He has come to work on the Vatican finances and has done so.

When he washes the feet of the public, he does not just wash the feet of Christians but the feet of all people. When asked about the view of the Gay community in the church, his answer is "Who am I to Judge". This man from South America used to take public transport when he was at home. He has taken the form of simple and turned it into his favor. Some have even deemed him to be a spiritual rock star. Which he does not care for. He is just living his life his way. He is a breath of fresh air.

Pope Francis is a man of the 21st century. He tweets messages to some 12 million people. I even get a message each day from His Holiness on my cell phone. When he tweeted on his anniversary he had one simple request. He asked us to pray for him.

This simple man, this Jesuit, this Pope is simply put a man for the people. He does not care for the outlandish sometimes garish approach the church takes with it's formality. When a young boy came upon the alter when his Holiness was speaking. He did not speak down to the young man, he simply picked him up and took him to his mother. She of course was probably beet red but he wasn't bothered in the least. He has been invited to speak before the Congress of the United States. That will be one for the books.

So Pope Francis keep on doing what you do best and that is just being a down to Earth human being. We love ya for it.