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Pope Francis drops the F-bomb at Sunday Vatican Address – Thousands Were Stunned

The word that came out of Pope Francis’ mouth on Sunday has been used in many awful offensive ways but certainly never would ever believe it would be uttered by a pope in public. But that is exactly what occurred, according to the Blaze when Pope Francis was addressing a live audience of thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

Pope drops f-bomb as he stumbles over Italian word in weekly blessing
Photo Credit - National Post

Accidents do happen, and that is why when Pope Francis dropped what the possibly horrified gathering of worshippers was the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb, and he even had to take a moment to compose himself. It is of course understandable that the 77-year-old Holy Father was easily mixed up when he replaced the word

Pope Francis stunned a live audience in St. Peter’s Square Sunday when he accidentally dropped the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb instead of a similar-sounding word “caso”, which means example, the Argentinean pontiff mispronounced it and instead spoke ”cazzo” — which is Italian for f—. reported the Blaze.

His words and the video have gone viral around the world, which for many detractors of the Catholic faith are using to attack him. Yet, Pope Francis, who is known through the globe for his lifetime work with the poor in the awful slums of Buenos Aires, has instead shown that all humans are fallible. So even in his infallibility he is able to rise above gaffes like Sunday’s and be the quiet compassionate leader of the faith that he is.

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